elcome to Baggeholm - a local medieval reenactment society in the Swedish province of Blekinge and the commune of Bromölla and simultaneously an official local group of the national society Nordmark and the global SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism).

We spend our time by reliving some of the "lighter sides" of the medieval ages in practice - in other words we ignore the pestilences, class differences, starvation, times of upheaval and the likes. There are many ways to accomplish this, among others by dress in clothes inspired by the time period AD 600 to 1600, learn to handle weapons and equipment, study food culture and dance. Yes, in short everything that can be imagined having been in use during the period.


Here on our site you can find more information about our society, what we do and who we are. Unfortunately it is yet only partially translated into English. If you have any questions, you can contact our seneschal or someone of our other officials (page only in Swedish).