& Vigil







In the fair Shire of Baggeholm there are many mythical places of distant past.

We gather to celebrate the Novemberfeast and the Knighting of Viscount Bjare of Lönnarmo.


During the event Baggeholm and House fitzHume will host a trial by combat for Bjaere as a part of his Vigil. Beasts and mythical Heros will stand against Bjaere.


The eveningfeast will be hold with a theme of Asterix & Obelix- Romans, Togas, Meat and Magical Potions.


Prepare yourself with attire and garb, polish your armor and join us for a celebration and creative party.


The event starts on Friday the 16th of November and ends on Sunday the 18th of November.



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This event is arranged by the shire of Baggeholm in cooperation with House FitzHume.




George fitzHume (Ola Widell)



Torbjörn Åbryte (Jerker Lindekrantz)